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Lesson Packages

Something for Everyone...

At "Carlier's School of Guitar and Music" Guitar lessons are the specialty of "The House". Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of guitar instruction on electric or acoustic are offered.

Rock [all forms] Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Americana and more are all taught.

Finger Style, Flat Picking, Clutch [or Hybrid] Picking, Slide Guitar, Sweep Picking and Alternate Tunings are just a few of the techniques that you may choose learn.

Bass, mandolin, harmonica, lap steel, dobro, and banjo lessons in varying degrees are also offered.

There are different Lesson Packages available to suit your needs and abilities:

  1. The Basic Package is for four one half hour private lessons. But we have discounts for hour lessons and buying "Bulk Packages" and "Family Programs". You may call to find out prices and which package is best for you.
  2. We DO NOT charge by the month but by the lesson package. That is to your advantage. Many store charge by the month so if you did not get all your lessons in due to illness, vacation ect. you lost them. Carlier's School of Guitar goes by the lesson only. You may cancel up to the time of the lesson with out being charged.
  3. Combo classes are offered. Players are put together with in the same age groups, music interest and levels to play together. These are not open "jam formats" but a controlled musical environment. They learn arranging, song structure, and soloing skills. The groups are held at 5 players maximum.
  4. "Rock Bottom Beginner Package":
    This is for the person who might be concerned about investing a bunch of money into a hobby that they [or their child ] may lose interest in. The package will get you four one half hour private lessons and a new full sized acoustic guitar. This is not a rental guitar. You own it. Call 843.884.2907 for prices.
  5. Carlier's School of Guitar is set up to teach via Skype for those of you who are not local or in proximity of the teaching studio.

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